openings for sessions today

If you’ve ever been curious about what a session with me is like, and would like to experience this, today might be your day. Due to below zero weather, I’ve had to cancel the plans that I’d made, so I am not going anywhere and wanted to open my day up to you.

I’m offering a special of $20 for 1/2hr. This will be good for both new and current (or former) clients. If you are interested, please email me at to set up a time for our phone session.

As I was falling asleep the other night, the thought, “The only important thing to do is to give your love, and you can do that anywhere” came to me. It was accompanied by such a peaceful feeling. Of course I want to move, but I know that the “location” is not the thing that will bring me ultimate happiness…it is being, just being me, and opening myself to the Love that I am, that we all are, that brings the sense of belonging and meaning to me…to us all.

My wish and prayer for myself, and for you, is that today we allow ourselves to sink deeply into the knowing that we are loved…that we are Love itself, expressing through thus exquisite form.

I found this poster a few weeks ago and loved the image so much that I put it up in my is a perfect thought for this freezing cold winter day!

2 thoughts on “openings for sessions today”

  1. I have been thinking and thinking and thinking about a possible session with you since the holidays. I got sick around Xmas time and and it took until very recently to be feeling better and up to having any type of conversation. Would love to consider something today, the problem is I will be babysitting shortly and not sure what time it will end later today. I’ll send you an email later in the day when I have a better idea as to when the mom will be finished with her stuff. So, if there is time — way later in the day — I would be interested and available. Please, don’t plan or switch anything in your day as mine is VERY uncertain.



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