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Oh my goodness, these past few months have been amazing, challenging, wonderful, frightening, fun, dull, and at the deepest level, so right. I listed my home for sale in mid-January. It sold in 12 days. The closing was on April 1st. I moved into my new home (in Montpelier, Vermont) on April 1st. My divorce was finalized on February 5th, which just happened to be the beginning of the Chinese New Year, and on that day I also spoke with one of the women who had had a significant relationship with my ex. She was able to clarify so much.

I’d had a dream last summer that things were going to move quickly. In the dream, I stopped myself for fear that I would be out of control. When I awoke, I told myself, my inner self, “OK. I won’t let go of the thread to my new life. I am ready. Take me.” And did it ever!

I now realize that the key which ultimately set me free was my willingness to see how the behaviors of my ex mirrored my own feelings about myself. I saw the deception that I’d engaged in by closing my eyes to the truth. I saw how I’d stayed in something that was not right for fear of what my life would be if I left. What can I call this but deception? What is this but a lie. I never said to my ex, “Hey…I’m not sure that I love you. I definitely don’t trust you, but I am afraid that I can’t make it financially, and I also feel too old to start again, so I’m just going to stay here, OK?” Nope. I didn’t do that.

So what now? As I stand in this new place; a town that I love beyond words, work that is more fulfilling than ever, and inner peace which feels like heaven, I offer this to you, “Life will show you what you need to get free. You can trust it….it will lead you home.”

I am offering a new 2 part series that I’ve named, “Mirror, Mirror”. In this series, we’ll work together to help you see, and own, the situations in your life that feel like they are blocking you from the life you sense you are missing. The series will involve two (45 minute) phone conversations (or if you’d like to come to Montpelier, we can meet in person). The cost is $90.00. If this speaks to you, please contact me at mmuncil33@gmail.com and we’ll set up our time to meet.

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  1. …set me free was my willingness to see how the behaviors of my ex mirrored my own feelings about myself.
    Gorgeous line and so true! You go Mary!!❤️❤️❤️

    1. Thank you, Kim…I’m so happy to be an official Vermonter, and knowing that you are here makes it so sweet! There is a program on Vermont Public Radio called, “Brave Little State”…I love that…it feels like my new life.

  2. Mary, it is good to see your posting fall into my inbox and your remaking of your life is one of courage and I’m sure much despair at times as well. It’s wonderful that you are now resettled and refocused on your purpose for your life. Yes, as you grow older making changes is not easy nor always sensible, however, weighing the scales of your life, of my life, sometimes there are imbalances which need correcting. Being open to them takes courage.
    Sandy Proudfoot

    1. thank you, Sandy. I feel younger now than I have in a long time. I appreciate your words…at times I didn’t think I had the courage/strength to do this but what I’ve been shown is that when a decision is “right”, the universe really does conspire to help us in ways that we could never have imagined.

  3. I love how things unfolded for you, Mary! What a gift you have given to all of us out here in ‘reader land’ by seeing and acknowledging – and then stepping out of toward freedom – what had held you prisoner. I will be in VT for a short 3-week visit in July, so will reach out to connect then. Would so love to see you!

    Hugs! Wendy H.

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  4. Mary, I echo everyone else in saying how lovely it is to have a post from you in my inbox again. Montpelier! What a lovely town. May you thrive there in your new, true life.

    1. Do you know Montpelier, Charlotte?! It is so lovely that most days I wake up amazed that I live here…and I can walk to the library, coop, post office, restaurants, yoga, meditation classes…I always dreamed of living in a place like this but thought it was too good to be a real town😊

      1. Just from a visit a few years ago. My husband and I said that we could both picture ourselves living there. Now I can picture you!

  5. Thanks for sharing, Mom! I am so happy you’re in Vermont too, I cant wait to explore Montpelier!!

  6. When you told me today that you laughed out loud at part of this post, I felt an intense wave of gratitude…for you, Matt, for my new life, and for the fact that I can finally laugh at some of it!

  7. Mary, I saw this quote today and it reminded me of things we talked about in our session. Thank you so much for your wisdom and guidance.

    “You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”.

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