you are “safer” than you know

So often the fear that we will make a mistake keeps us from making a decision. We tend to bring to mind all of the seeming mistakes from the past when considering a change in the present and the result is usually fear, dread, anxiety, or loss of hope and energy. This seems like a logical approach to the conscious mind, but it is self-defeating and demoralizing…at best.

One thing that we don’t consider, or temporarily forget, is that guidance, divine guidance, is always available in every moment of our lives…whether we choose to listen to it or not is another matter.

When I was about to get married, for the second time (I’ve been married three times…and divorced three times, in case you were wondering) I was extremely happy and excited. This man was everything that I’d imagined him to be. He was perfect in every way…and the ways in which he wasn’t, I was sure I could “tweak” to my liking. I had, of course, little doubts, feelings of uneasiness, but I pushed them away. I didn’t want to listen to them. They were, in my mind, the party-poooers, the wet-blankets of life. I felt like screaming at them, “Why can’t you just shut up and let me enjoy this great love.” But they didn’t go away. I had dreams that tried to warn me…I didn’t listen.

One day, as I was driving along, I asked for a sign regarding my upcoming marriage/relationship with this man. A song came on the radio with the lyrics, “…let go of the stone if you don’t want to drown, in a sea of heartache that is dragging you down…” I had just learned that my future husband’s name, Sten, meant, “stone” in Swedish. I knew it was guidance. It scared me. I ignored it.

When we head down a path that isn’t in our highest and best good, the Universe does not line up or open up for us. Things get harder. Things get blocked. We can trust this…with our lives, but we need to move forward and make bold and brave moves so the energy of Life can unfold, trusting that we will be redirected if, whatever it is that we are considering, isn’t in harmony with our highest selves.

Early last winter, when I felt like my life was completely up in the air: I’d filled for divorce but was told it could take a year, my house was not yet listed for sale, my husband had moved out and there were times when my life felt like an empty shell, I woke up one day and decided that I needed an exciting new focus…something compelling to take my mind off the present moment. I called my son Matt and asked him if he’d like to go to Paris with me. He thought it was an interesting idea, and I felt a sense of excitement that had been missing in my current life situation.

That same day, I went for a walk and noticed up ahead on the road, something that looked like a fortune from a fortune cookie. It was. And it said,
“Vacation can wait. Stick to the project till the end.” I got home and called Matt (also sent him a picture of the fortune/guidance). I suspended the Paris plan. Within 3 months, my divorce was finalized, my home was sold, and I had received a fairly large sum of money…certainly plenty to begin a new life with.

It is harder to make a “mistake” than we realize. Life is for us. Life is always trying to direct us and guide us to fuller and more awakened states of mind and consciousness.

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  1. Loved this, Mary! I ignored many signs when I was younger and paid the price by making my life oh so much harder than it would have been (though the path taken provided huge spiritual growth, which was necessary to become who I am today).

    Thankfully, one of the ones I ignored (to rid myself of a bad relationship and to explore a potentially better one with a very good friend) found its way back to me 20 years later through what could only be by Spirit’s hands) and now we are coming up on 5 years of marriage!

    The best lessons are often the hardest – yet can be the sweetest in the end.

    Hugs! Wendy

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    1. I remember when you got married, Wendy! I cannot believe it has been 5 years…so many happy and loving thoughts flowing from me to you!

  2. LOVE this one Mary!!! Laura Lynne Jackson’s new book SIGNS just hit the stands, it’s great! xoxoxo

    Love is the answer, it doesn’t matter what the question is.


  3. Brilliant. I’m a great believer in signs. I receive so many emails that I never open. Yours are always worth opening. So, did you go to Paris? I really should make an appointment with you, if only to chat and exchange views.

    1. I have yet to go to Paris…almost as soon as I found that fortune, I moved into a busy time of getting ready to move (cleaning/clearing my house), looking for a new place, and then stepping into this new life in Montpelier…I believe that I will get there one day though (but it won’t be because I am avoiding my current life situation!😊)…Thank you so much for your comment💜

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