mirror mirror

Oh my goodness, these past few months have been amazing, challenging, wonderful, frightening, fun, dull, and at the deepest level, so right. I listed my home for sale in mid-January. It sold in 12 days. The closing was on April 1st. I moved into my new home (in Montpelier, Vermont) on April 1st. My divorce… Continue reading mirror mirror

pain is a messenger

Yesterday I began thinking about going forward with a new idea. A part of me was uncomfortable with it, but I was entertaining it anyway…looking at it from all sides, considering what it might be like if I followed through…and then this morning, as I picked up the idea again, I felt an intense pain… Continue reading pain is a messenger

Making good friends…with ourselves

  Several weeks ago, I had the opportunity to meet with a man whom I’d been intimately involved with for a number of years. I hadn’t seen him in decades and was a little apprehensive (also curious) about how I would feel when we finally met. We didn’t end our relationship on hostile terms but… Continue reading Making good friends…with ourselves