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Write a new script and change your life…and a give-away!



Fred this morning watching me write

Several weeks ago, I was looking for a blank notebook and found a dream that I’d written down a couple of years earlier, along with some letters I’d written (not intending to send) to various individuals whom I’d had problems with. Below is what I wrote about the dream,

“I entered a beautiful room, after being in a bunch of situations that seemed somewhat disconcerting. At once I noticed that the room was made entirely of puzzle pieces. I was told not to take any pieces out. I noticed a man, who was also a puzzle piece with writing on it, and I held it in my hands, amazed at how intricately and beautifully it was made. Each piece was also beautifully and exquisitely made and came to life as I touched them.” Then I woke up. Re-reading this dream affirmed my belief that no person is in my life by accident, and everyone who is now, or has ever been in my life, is a vital part of me in some way.

All of the letters were written for the purpose of healing the relationships and bringing me inner peace and resolution. In these letters I was able to say things that I couldn’t say in person without causing more pain or confusion. I didn’t write about how I had been hurt or what they had done to me. I wrote about my part in the difficulty. I wrote about the petty, mean, hurtful, thoughts I’d had about them, and asked for their forgiveness.

As I thought about the dream and the letters, I realized in a deeper way that we are all connected, and since this is a Truth, we have the power to change/heal our lives using our minds…and I was holding the proof in my hands. All of the letters that I’d written had resulted in either reconciliation with the person or release of the resentment I’d been carrying, and all of this happened without confrontation or needing to talk it out.

I’d forgotten about this tool, and today realized that I really need to do it again with several people whom I have been harboring less-than-nice thoughts about. It is time to sweep my side of the street…even though there really isn’t a “my side” and “their side”…it is all my side. I clear up my thoughts and find that I am transformed and restored to wholeness in what feels like a miraculous way.

 Save yourself…” Jacob Marley’s last words to Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens, A Christmas Carol.


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A shadowy past …a clear present…a different future

Fred posing with one of my favorite books ( a one hundred year old little leather copy of A Christmas Carol)

Fred posing with one of my favorite books (a one hundred year old little leather copy of A Christmas Carol)

We had Thanksgiving dinner with my family this year. When my brother announced that he’d be hosting the day (late last summer) I didn’t think I’d be going. So many family holiday gatherings have been less than joy-filled for me. At times they seemed more like emotional endurance contests, than times of happy connection and grateful sharing of life’s goodness. But over the past few months, as I thought about Thanksgiving day, I knew that I would be going to my brother’s house…… but how? How could I go, and have a different experience?

I didn’t want to just make it through the day. I didn’t want to be praying constantly to feel acceptance. I didn’t want to be so exhausted by the end of our time together, that I felt as if I’d been through the emotional wringer. I didn’t want to be so unconscious that I’d leave wondering why I’d said things (that in retrospect) were spoken from a nervous energy. I didn’t want to be artificially quiet, or feel the need to tell jokes and be the life of the party.  I knew what I didn’t want, but what I didn’t want, seemed to be what my past experience (with family) was.

Early Thanksgiving morning, sitting with my coffee, outside, before the sun came up, I looked at the sky and the stars and this idea came; “Go today with the thought that you’ve never met any of these people before, as if you’ve had no past….at all. Look with interest, listen with interest, because you want to find out who they are. And, you want to be delighted with what you find out about each one….so you are going to have to look for it.”

This thought/divine idea, filled me with a new kind of energy. I instantly felt different about the day. I was excited. I was looking forward to seeing everyone….and I could hardly believe it. It was as if I’d been tapped with a magic wand and suddenly I was free of past….or negative past.

So, now to the actual day…and what happened.

Wonder, happiness, connection, love….these are what happened. As we drove home that night I kept thinking about this, and knew I’d share it here. What I saw, in stark relief, was something I’ve experienced in many areas of my life before, but never so clearly with an issue that seemed like it had been there forever: tension with my family.

What I experienced was this: as soon as I changed (really changed, didn’t just put on a facade of happiness or love) everything and everyone changed to meet the new me.

“I am here… the shadows of the things that would have been, may be dispelled. They will be. I know they will!” page 118, from A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens

2nd (and 3rd, 4th, 5th……) chances

This little spider peaked out at me when I was writing the other day. I am a bit afraid of spiders so Jack rescued it when he got home.

This not-so-little spider peaked out at me while I was writing the other day. I am a bit afraid of spiders so Jack rescued it when he got home.

I wrote last evening about the meteor shower because I didn’t want to start today’s post by saying what a spectacular few days it has been watching the night sky, and have someone think, “I wish I had known about it!” It reminds me a little of, A Christmas Carol, when Scrooge says to the Spirit of Christmas yet to come, “Why show me this if I am past all hope?”

We are One with the Spirit of God, can never be separated from that infinite field of Love, and so we have not missed our chance, messed up our lives so they are beyond repair, or been given (and missed) our last chance to change. We put these kinds of ultimatums and limits on others (and on ourselves) but they are human constructs.

I think maybe that’s why Dickens’ created the character of Ebenezer Scrooge. He was (by the standards of the day) old. He had no friends. His only family member was Fred, his nephew, who he had resented since birth, blaming him for the death of his sister. If Scrooge was our neighbor, we would probably not talk to him (or he wouldn’t talk to us) and we would shake our heads and think he was a person unable to change. The reason that I love this story so much is that it speaks a great Truth. Change is always possible. It is never too late.

This weekend I plan on using the affirmation, “I am right on time!”…if you care to join me, we can create a circle of light for each other.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.” George Eliot