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Awaken!…and let everyone else awaken in their own time


Be Well (this painting is for sale on MY ARTWORK page)


I had a dream the other night that confirmed something I’ve known for a long time, “Don’t try to wake anyone up.” When we discover great truths, it is so tempting to want to teach, show, or even push others into realizing what we have seen, but the very thought that someone is “asleep” spiritually, and that it is my job to try to wake them up, only tells me one thing, that I have, once again, fallen asleep. It is extremely arrogant to think that I know how or when another should progress spiritually, and in my dream, I also saw that it was dangerous as these sleeping beings, after being nudged to wake up, actually turned on me quite viciously.

I was 30 years old when I found sobriety and AA. I felt like I had stepped out of hell into a whole new world and was truly dismayed when others, especially those in my immediate family, weren’t interested in this for themselves. But over the years I stopped trying to convince anyone else to get sober, and join AA, and then those people, who I had worked so hard to try to corral into my way of life, amazingly found their way to sobriety. At one point someone very close to me (who ended up getting sober about 5 years after I did) told me, “It wasn’t what you said that made me want to get sober. It was seeing how you changed.”

When I am asleep, I see all sorts of trouble. I see how people need to change, what is wrong with them, how they aren’t living up to their potential, how they make their own, and my, life difficult….on and on, the list of what is wrong with them goes on, and I’m never quite aware that all of the trouble I see is what I believe about myself.

As I have begun to awaken, I see a world that is not full of problems needing to be solved, troubles needing to be corrected, or people needing to be enlightened….by me. When I am awake, I know that my work in this world, in this lifetime, is just this; to awaken, which means to me, to do what I love. Because as I awaken I literally see differently and it isn’t a huge effort to shut my mouth, contain my frustration, or harness my emotional reactions. When I awaken, my actions feel like Love and to my great delight, they are almost always, received by others that way.


“Living more in harmony with who we truly are isn’t just forcing ourselves to repeat positive thoughts. It really means being and doing things that make us happy, things that arouse our passion and bring out the best in us, things that make us feel good—and it also means loving ourselves unconditionally.  When we’re flowing in this way and feeling upbeat and energized about life, we’re in touch with our magnificence. When we can find that within us, things really start to get exciting and we find synchronicities happening all around us. As I’ve said, we’re one with the universe, our purpose is to be our magnificent selves, and the external world is only a reflection of what’s inside us.” pp 159 from the boo, Dying To Be Me: My Journey from cancer, to near death, to true healing” by Anita Moorjani