don’t condemn the means

For a number of years, I had wanted to go to the Ralph Waldo Emerson House. I’d imagined myself walking on the same wooden floors, looking out the same windows, and touching the same walls, as this great man did so many years ago. I fantasied that some of his inspired thought might rub off… Continue reading don’t condemn the means

decisions, decisions…or maybe not

Jack and I have wanted to move for a while, but since this isn’t happening as quickly as we’d like, we’ve decided to open a small shop/gallery in the studio space on our property. It will be called Little Wing Shop and Gallery. We’ll have artwork of our own and antiques, including furniture, mirrors, scales… Continue reading decisions, decisions…or maybe not

an inclusive life

When I notice that I'm not feeling good emotionally, it takes little introspection to realize that I've excluded someone from my life…maybe not overtly, like telling them to leave me alone, but in my mind I've made them into an enemy. Then my mind begins to look for evidence to support this belief…and it always… Continue reading an inclusive life

minding my own mind

I attended a family function recently. Those are always the best situations for bringing out any unresolved issues that I’ve been hiding away, hoping not to deal with ever again. Several days after this particular event, I was imagining someone in my family criticizing me for something that I did, and I began to defend… Continue reading minding my own mind

feeling clear

It took me many years to finally understand the difference between a gut feeling (intuitive guidance) and my feelings. I can remember hearing spiritual teachers talk about this and it sounded like semantics to me; feeling, feelings? Then one day it became clear. I was dating a man who wasn't the best choice for me.… Continue reading feeling clear

Spring cleaning

Years ago, I was getting a massage (I was in my early 30's and deep massage was very painful) and the massage therapist basically said to me, "Your body responds to touch as if you've been in a car accident." I agreed with her. I couldn't even sit for more than 30 minutes without getting… Continue reading Spring cleaning

The holographic universe

One of the most startling experiences in my life happened when I began to see that every being and every situation I encountered was showing me an aspect of myself. I'd heard about this for years in statements like,"We live in a holographic universe",  but I never really knew what it meant, because I hadn't… Continue reading The holographic universe