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What will I do today?


Eleanor snuggling with one of Luke’s toys

“I arise in the morning torn between a desire to save the world and a desire to savor the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.” E. B. White


For much of my life, I’d felt a deep urge to help others…but it never seemed like I was doing enough. I believed that life was a long, narrow, uphill, climb toward some place of perfection where I would finally be in my right place, doing my right work, at the right time; a place where I’d finally know who I was and why I was here. I struggled for years to get to this place, yet it always seemed out of reach. Rest was not an option on this path.

During these years of struggle, I was incredibly self-concerned, but I didn’t realize it. I thought that my striving was noble, not selfish. I assumed that harsh self-examination was the path to improvement…and god knows, I believed that I needed to be improved. But God didn’t “know” this. This wasn’t a Divine path. The constant thoughts of how I could be a better person, do more for the world, and become happier, were fueled by ego.

When I began to lighten up, which meant stopping critical thoughts about others and myself, I noticed that people around me changed and reflected this light back to me. I saw that I didn’t so much have to do something but I needed to stop doing/thinking the things that separated me from who I really was/am: Love.

I don’t mean to suggest that I never have a critical thought about myself, or other people, anymore. I have plenty of them, but I am much more aware of these thoughts as invitations to a fight; they are seductive; they call to me with feelings of anger, righteous indignation, resentment, and revenge. They tell me that I am better than other people. They tell me that I’ve been wronged. They tell me that there is a right and a wrong (I’m usually the right/virtuous one) and I must choose my side and fight for it, or banish the other one. They masquerade as strength, but in reality, if I believe them, I become their victim.

I’ve been declining a lot of these invitations lately and in their place, choosing to see what is right with a person (including myself), situation, event, or memory. Several days ago, I was thinking about one of the people currently running for president, and how easy, and almost fun, it is to blast this person. So, again, I noticed this and asked myself, “What is there to love about this person?” We are one. He/she is a part of my consciousness at some level. It wasn’t hard to answer the question, it only required giving up my desire to criticize and condemn.

So, what will I do today, save or savor the world? I think that I’ll just be myself. I will Love it/me/them/us and I will allow that Love to flow back to me.


looking for evidence

Eleanor always chooses the most comfortable spots!

The other day, I began imagining that a ball of light-energy was radiating love and good feelings from my center (solar plexus) to everyone that I met. I found that it took quite a bit of effort to keep focused on that image and not let my mind just wander wherever it wanted to go. Later that afternoon, I visited one of my favorite shops and a woman who works there looked up as I entered the store and said, “Hello sunshine!” She has never greeted me, in all of the years that I’ve known her, in that manner.

We are constantly sending out silent signals to the world, they are being received on the energetic level, and everything and everyone is responding, but so often we aren’t really aware of what our emanations (which are made up of our dominate thoughts) are. Petty complaints, worries, arguments, and concerns that flutter through our minds tend to produce unfocused, scattered, or frenetic vibrations, the world responds in kind, and a downward spiral of negative feelings and circumstances seems to follow.

But on a much more encouraging note, if we do our best to keep focused on some higher ideal of love, calm, happiness, or peace, and take it a step further, consciously sending this energy out to others, we will see and feel the result of this, and uplift not only ourselves, but everyone that we meet. We also create an upward spiral; good feelings go out and come back and things in our lives tend to get better and better.

How about giving this a try over the weekend? Choose a thought/feeling that you would love to experience, hold that thought and then as you interact with others, be aware of how they are responding to you. Look for evidence that what you think and feel, really is mirrored back to you.

Love is an outreaching of the heart…it is an emanation. As you radiate love and goodwill to all, and as you wish riches for (others), you will at the same time bless and prosper yourself. Remember what you wish for another, you wish for yourself, and what you withhold from another, you are with holding from yourself. You are the only thinker in your universe, and your thoughts are creative.” Joseph Murphy

A good plan and a hair crime

Fred sleeping by my lap top (when I’m writing on the couch, this is where he likes to be)

A while back, I wrote about my 85-year-old mother wanting to get a computer and me nixing the idea. I really couldn’t imagine her learning any new technology (since she has never shown the slightest interest in anything like this before now). Well, she decided she was going to get one and asked Amanda (her granddaughter, my niece) to drive her to the Apple store where she bought an iPad, and had high-speed internet service by the end of the week. 2 days ago, I received the following email from her;

“I don’t know which Mary I have  but Mary daughter. Igot the hair crime  thanks. Love u bye spelling. I’m sending it anyway
Sent from my iPad”

I’d sent her some hair-gel, and she was thanking me. I loved this! When I called her to tell her how funny her message was she said, “I don’t know how I typed ‘hair crime’ but I thought it was funny so I just sent it.”

I’m so glad that I didn’t get involved with her computer buying when she asked me. I think the combination of me telling her that I didn’t think she would do it (which she admitted got her a little fired-up) and her needing to step out on her own and prove to herself that she could do it, have opened doors that wouldn’t have opened if I (or any of her children) had set her up.

Since Amanda was only passing through town, my mom couldn’t depend on her (long-term) either, so she needed to figure things out for herself. She found (and signed up for) a computer class at the senior center, and I know that this will expand her social circle which is another thing that she’s wanted. At 85, my mother is starting to plan her own life and go for what she wants…I’ve never been so happy to be proven wrong.

“If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Jim Rohn

“I distinctly remember forgetting that.”

Fred has taken over Ben’s suitcase/bed

I went upstairs on Saturday afternoon and found Fred peacefully sleeping in what had been Ben’s bed. I’d noticed Ben downstairs on the couch, but that they had exchanged places (or more likely, Fred just took over Ben’s spot and Ben adjusted accordingly) didn’t occur to me until I was taking their pictures. I love the way that animals adjust to each other….and how we adjust to them.

On Friday morning, I decided to take a drive and as I opened my car door, the smell of cat urine hit me. I’d been leaving my car windows open and usually Esther (who doesn’t want to come inside at night) will end up in there. Well, Ben has been getting in there too, and I guess Esther thought she’d better claim the car as her own.

I was on my way to visit my friend Nancy at the Coop, told her about my car, and she handed me a bottle of Bac-Out that completely removed the smell. I’ll leave the car windows up from now on, but I’m not holding it against either of the cats. I took care of the problem and let it go.

But I wonder;  if a human had sprayed some very unpleasant smelling thing in my car, would I be so quick to forget it? Probably not….but I’d like to think that this is where I am heading spiritually: taking each next step into new life, and with each new step, letting go of any past hurts, problems, regrets, worry or anger. Moving with ease, like a dance, with all of the other beings (human and otherwise) that I am privileged to share this life-experience with.

Clara Barton (founder and president of the American Red Cross) who never bore any grudges, was once reminded by a friend of a wrong done to her some years earlier. “Don’t you remember?” asked her friend. “No,” replied Barton firmly, “I distinctly remember forgetting that.” Taken from September’s Sun Magazine and sent to me by Susan A.

Ben happily moved to the sofa for his nap

Carolyn was the winner of the Blue Moon give-away!


Wouldn’t it be interesting if….

The new cat bed..with Ben inside

When we returned home from Mexico, I unpacked my small suitcase and stuck it on top of the dresser. I had planned on putting it away (but am never very fast about that kind of stuff) and the next thing I knew, Ben had found his new favorite place to sleep.

Each time I looked at it, I would think, “I need to put that suitcase away and clean off all the cat hair, dirt and assorted other unidentifiable things, before it is ruined” (since in addition to sleeping in it, this became Ben’s chosen place to “clean up” after a rough night outside roaming the hills).

The furry, dirty suitcase was not bothering Ben but it seemed like it was saying to me, “You are an unorganized and undisciplined person Mary and here is the evidence.” I know enough not to keep something in front of me that makes me feel bad, and yet the only option seemed to be to clean it up and put it away….like that was the “responsible” thing to do… after all, a suitcase is for travel and was not made for cats to sleep in. But who makes these rules, that I think I should follow, and feel bad about when I don’t?

I grabbed an old silk scarf, draped it over the suitcase and now I’m short one suitcase (which I only used, at most, once a year) and Ben has gained a permanent napping spot… and we are both delighted about it!

Trust that little voice in your head that says “Wouldn’t it be interesting if…”  And then do it.  ~Duane Michals (American Photographer)

(a funny little aside here…I always read my posts to Jack before they go out into the world, and when I read him this quote, he said, “I know Duane quite well…he visits my store almost every Sunday during the summer months!”)

Weekend Challenge (for all who choose to take it!):  Think about one area of your life that has been troubling you (that you have labeled as “wrong”) and ask your Higher Self to see it through new eyes….ask to see the good in it, that you may have missed in your rush to get it “cleaned up”.

The healing power of Love..making new memories

Eleanor and Jack

Jack sat down with a cup of coffee the other day, and Eleanor jumped onto his lap and then put her face close to his face, like she’s done since she was a tiny kitten. Eleanor was a “breakthrough” cat for Jack. When I met him, even though he really liked cats, he said that he had a big problem with their fur getting into his eyes and causing irritation. He was OK with a cat in the house, but had an allergic reaction every time he petted or held one, so he simply resisted the urge to touch them.

Eleanor, an abandoned newborn kitten, was only a few days old when we took her home and she needed a lot of one-on-one attention from us both. Jack had to hold her to feed her, and soon she was nuzzling his beard. He was so in love with her, that he just let her do it, and even though he was afraid he’d have a negative reaction, he wanted her affection more than he feared the result, and as a result, he never had an allergic reaction again to her, or any of our other cats.

Love is a powerful force. I’ve read so many heroic stories of people doing “impossible” things when they chose love over fear; chose a new and brighter life over a limited and dull past. If a memory brings a feeling of love and happiness, depth and warmth, it is expanding our present and our future. But if a memory is full of despair, sadness, regret, loss, and unhappiness, it is limiting our lives and our futures. Today, I am choosing to look at all of life; past, present and future through the eyes of Love.

Many a man fails as an original thinker simply because his memory it too good. Friedrich Nietzsche