Make a decison..then let it go

We knew that Fred had certain challenges when we adopted him, but were not aware that he didn't have the ability to find his way home. After 2 very long absences, we realized that if we let him outside, chances were, he would get lost, so we constructed a "cat pen" for him. At first, I… Continue reading Make a decison..then let it go

Heading in the right direction

A week ago, I noticed a red spot on Noah's head. The day before Thanksgiving, it had turned into a large, uncomfortable-looking open sore. I had no idea what it was and suddenly I was having visions of creepy diseases, painful and expensive visits to the vet, oral and topical antibiotics, all of the other… Continue reading Heading in the right direction

Thanksgiving…finding comfort in being ourselves

I was reading a book yesterday and the writer said that she had been, years ago, invited to the Royal palace  for dinner. I always wondered how anyone could feel hungry in such a formal setting with such good (fitted) clothes on. I really appreciate beauty and elegance and would love the idea of being… Continue reading Thanksgiving…finding comfort in being ourselves