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Write a new script and change your life…and a give-away!



Fred this morning watching me write

Several weeks ago, I was looking for a blank notebook and found a dream that I’d written down a couple of years earlier, along with some letters I’d written (not intending to send) to various individuals whom I’d had problems with. Below is what I wrote about the dream,

“I entered a beautiful room, after being in a bunch of situations that seemed somewhat disconcerting. At once I noticed that the room was made entirely of puzzle pieces. I was told not to take any pieces out. I noticed a man, who was also a puzzle piece with writing on it, and I held it in my hands, amazed at how intricately and beautifully it was made. Each piece was also beautifully and exquisitely made and came to life as I touched them.” Then I woke up. Re-reading this dream affirmed my belief that no person is in my life by accident, and everyone who is now, or has ever been in my life, is a vital part of me in some way.

All of the letters were written for the purpose of healing the relationships and bringing me inner peace and resolution. In these letters I was able to say things that I couldn’t say in person without causing more pain or confusion. I didn’t write about how I had been hurt or what they had done to me. I wrote about my part in the difficulty. I wrote about the petty, mean, hurtful, thoughts I’d had about them, and asked for their forgiveness.

As I thought about the dream and the letters, I realized in a deeper way that we are all connected, and since this is a Truth, we have the power to change/heal our lives using our minds…and I was holding the proof in my hands. All of the letters that I’d written had resulted in either reconciliation with the person or release of the resentment I’d been carrying, and all of this happened without confrontation or needing to talk it out.

I’d forgotten about this tool, and today realized that I really need to do it again with several people whom I have been harboring less-than-nice thoughts about. It is time to sweep my side of the street…even though there really isn’t a “my side” and “their side”…it is all my side. I clear up my thoughts and find that I am transformed and restored to wholeness in what feels like a miraculous way.

 Save yourself…” Jacob Marley’s last words to Ebenezer Scrooge in Dickens, A Christmas Carol.


I am giving away a 20 minute session with me. To enter this give-away all you need to do is comment with a word or a thought that brings you a sense of inner peace. Feel free to tell a story or just post one word. Everyone (even if you’ve won before) is free to enter. I’ll select a random entry on Thursday, Dec. 1st. To read about what a session with me is like, go to my home page, and click the tab at the top that says, Private Sessions

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“Freedom to choose my direction” about 7.5 x 7.5 x 2″ on very old wood, $95 (all of my artwork will be at the Northshire Bookstore Cafe Gallery on Dec. 1st, but can also  be purchased now…visit *MY ARTWORK Page to see more





The key, the lesson, and a give-away!

Ben with the socks (they are a cotton blend)

Ben with the socks*

My mother has always been a giving person, especially with her children. lf one of us said to her, “I like the sweater you’re wearing mom”, she’d inevitably respond, “Do you want it?” or she’d just go change and come out wearing another top, while handing the one we’d admired to us. We’ve gotten into the habit of complimenting her by saying, “I like that ….., but I don’t want it!”

One day I was telling a friend about this, and she reacted like it was a remarkable thing. She then said, “My mother has rarely given me anything, even when I was in desperate need.” I believed her, but found it hard to comprehend, since I had taken this aspect of my own mother completely for granted. I had little appreciation of my mother, and often found myself starting sentences with, “Yes, she’s generous but……”, completely sweeping this gift under the rug of what I perceived to be her faults.

I treated myself the same way. I found it nearly impossible to appreciate any aspect of my being, seeing myself to be fundamentally flawed, and even when I did something that others might have admired, I would think, “If they really knew me…” I even suspected that my own good actions were prompted by less than pure motives. Everything that I did was tainted with the belief that I wasn’t a fundamentally loveable person.

My mother is still generous, but because I have changed, I now find her giving-nature to be a delight, not only when I am the recipient of her generosity, but in what she gives to others. Several days ago, she came back home (after a month in rehab) and within hours she was pulling out bags of things that she wanted to give away. One was a bag from Bon Ton full of Calvin Klein socks. A few days before her accident, she was shopping and there was a huge sale on socks, so she bought every pair figuring that she knew plenty of people who would appreciate them.

So in honor of my mother coming home (and the Red Sox winning the world series last night….I’m joking here, I don’t follow baseball, but it just fit so perfectly) I am giving away a package of the socks, these are shades of pink and white, not red.

To enter this give-away, just comment with one quality that you love about your yourself. I know this will be hard for some people. At times in my life, it would have been very difficult for me, and even if I’d come up with something, it would’ve felt like a lie. But we all have aspects of ourselves that are magnificent. If I cannot see these qualities in myself, it is impossible to recognize them in others.

I find that when I truly look for the good in myself, I cannot help seeing it others as well.

I don’t recall ever being encouraged to cherish myself, in fact, it would never even have occurred to me to do so. It’s commonly thought of as being selfish. But my NDE (Near-death Experience) allowed me to realize that this was the key to my healing.

In the tapestry of life, we’re all connected. Each one of us is a gift to those around us, helping each other be who we are, weaving a perfect picture together. When I was in the NDE state, it all became so clear to me because I understood that to be me is to be love. This is the lesson that saved my life.”   pp 138-139, Dying To Be Me: My Journey From Cancer , To Near Death, To True Healing, by Anita Moorjani.

*This is a 3-pack of Calvin Klein cotton blend socks  (between ankle and knee-length) in shades of pink and white. One size fits all. I will pick a random winner on Wed. November 6th (my son Tom’s 36th birthday!) and again, to enter, just comment with one thing that you love about yourself…and even if you don’t believe it, I do.

Resting in Love…..and a contest!

I made this lavender soap a few months ago (and decorated this one with rose petals and lavender flowers)

I made this lavender soap a few months ago (and decorated this one with rose petals and lavender flowers) If you would like to enter the contest to win it, just comment with a word or a thought about the perfection of  your life or Life, or anything that has the word Perfect in it! I will choose a random winner on Monday April 1st

Over the past month or so, I’ve been working with the concept of assuming the perfection of everything. Several weeks ago, I received a call from a good friend (someone I thoroughly enjoy) saying they would be coming through town and wanted to get together. My first thought was “Oh darn it!”. Just the day before, I had firmed up plans to meet another friend out-of-town on that very day. I felt a pull in my heart as I wished I had not made the previous plan. I put the phone down, and my thoughts went to, “If she had only called a day earlier, or was I hasty in making that first plan?..” but as I thought these things, my solar plexus felt tight and uncomfortable.

I started slowly repeating to myself, “This must be perfect” and as I did, I could feel my energy align and smooth out. I’m not sure why this is perfect, (I said that too, along with, “Show me the perfection in this.”) but claiming the perfection in the situation, helped me feel the perfection of it (even when I couldn’t understand it with my conscious mind) and get it out of my head, and the ping-pong match that can happen in there, when I over-think things.

I could also feel that it wasn’t right (for me) to change my plan, so I had to assume that everything, for everyone involved, was working out for the good of all.

Life is for us, conspiring to bless us, has our best interest in Mind,….like a billion gears silently moving, rotating, dovetailing, in mind-boggling perfection, and we are as intimate a part of this Energy, God, Source, Life Force, Love, as we can be.

Life is moving me. Life is breathing me. I can trust this Unknowable part of myself to guide, direct and support me for the highest and best. I am right where I need to be, and I can rest in this.

Over this weekend, why not claim the perfection of everything and see what happens?!

“Everyone is in the best seat.” John Cage

(if you would like to enter the contest to win the bar of soap, the “rules” are under the photograph).

Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

My skin balm (you can read about it here) http://www.marysskinsurvivalbalm.com

I think it’s about time for another give-away.  A tin of the skin balm that I make is the gift. To enter, just comment with an “impossible wish”…something that would be beyond your wildest dreams (but that you would love to see happen anyway). Have fun with this. Your comment can be as silly as “I’d like to jump over a pine tree” or as practical as, “I would love a new pink Volkswagen Bug to be sitting in my driveway on Christmas morning”.

Most of us did this kind of fun imagining when we were kids. It is high-time we started using our imaginations again.

I don’t want the money. I don’t want the drama. I just want to do my show. I want to have fun again.” Dave Chappelle

P.S. I’ll choose a random comment on November 29th. If you are the winner, I will mail the skin balm to you (or if you’d like it sent to someone as a gift, I’ll do that too).

Friendship, and a Blue Moon Giveaway!

1961 summer trip to “Magic Land” (I think that was the name of the place) with my cousins. I’m 4th from the right. the only ones who look like they are having fun are the 2 little guys (my brother on the far left and my cousin Matt running in front!) To this day, these are the guys you want to have at any gathering!

Years ago, I was very good friends with a woman (who I really liked a lot) but she wasn’t the first person I’d call when something wonderful happened for me. She struggled with life and so other people’s victories or happiness felt unfair, or even like an unkind barb to her. As much as I liked her, it wasn’t any fun at all to share my joy with her, so often times, I would either down-play what happened, or not tell her. I learned a lot about what I wanted to be from that friendship and set one of the intentions for my life: “I want to be the kind of person who people love to tell good news to, and I want to be fun to be around.” These sound like such small things, but they are  two of the qualities that I cherish in people as well.

Thinking about what we value in friendships (or relationships in general) is a great way to look and question ourselves to see if we are giving what we would like to receive. And if we find that we come up a little short in this area, it can become a new point of focus, to grow into the people we want to be.

A man’s growth is seen in the successive choirs of his friends. Ralph Waldo Emerson


Today is a blue moon, and so I am going to give away 2 skin balms to one person! To enter this giveaway, just comment with one quality you love in your friends (or feel free to tell a story about friendship). I will pick a random winner on Monday Sept. 3rd (Labor day)

2 tins of the skin balm I make , website, http://www.marysskinsurvivalbalm.com

… a little contest!

The prize!

It’s 9:30 in the morning and already 85 degrees. I slept until 7 a.m. (Fred finally woke me up) and I’m looking at all of our animals lying prostrate on the wooden parts of the floor. Slow down, relax, take a deep breath, don’t rush, be easy with yourself today, seems to be the message…. and I am listening. So what better thing to do than a give-away? It is an easy and fun thing to do.

If you would like to enter this give-away, then just comment with a word  (or 2) that best illustrates the way you would like to feel, or have more, of in your life (examples; happy, calm, excited, faith, inner-peace, self-love) and I’ll choose a random entry on Friday, June 1st . The winner will receive a tin of the skin balm that I make….my words are, self-confidence.

  • “Watch your thoughts, they become your words
    Watch your words, they become your actions
    Watch your actions, they become your habits
    Watch your habits, they become your character
    Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
    – Anonymous

Saturday afternoon smile and give-away!

The pack of incense leaning up against very early flowers that I picked yesterday

It is Saturday afternoon here in upstate NY. I met my mother for breakfast today. At the end of our visit, I was telling her about an order of incense that had just been delivered. It is my favorite, and so I order at least 10 packs at a time, because I burn it both in my office and at home. I asked her if she would like a box and she said, “What do you do with it?” When I told her that you burned it, she said no thanks. I had to smile at this generation gap.

So, I thought why not have a little Saturday afternoon give-away?! If you would like this incense just send in a comment that has anything (at all) to do with incense: a memory, thought or just say that you would like it. Make your comments as long or as short as you like. It is light-weight, so I will ship it anywhere in the world, and will choose a random winner on Monday the 26th. Hope you are having a good weekend and if not, try to change your thoughts!

Always keep that happy attitude. Pretend that you are holding a beautiful fragrant bouquet.” Earl Nightingale