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small steps

a light on our staircase

a light on our staircase

One thing that I’ve learned from observing myself over the years is this: when I’m in the mood to bad-mouth someone or when I can’t wait to hear some “juicy little tidbit” (about someone else of course), it is a sure sign that I’m not doing too well, and my first order of business is to observe my own thoughts, and correct them.

I’ve also seen that it doesn’t help to berate myself or become discouraged with thoughts like, “I’ll never change!” or “What is wrong with me?!”….I am a human being in the process of waking up. I will make mistakes in my thinking (everyday) but I can become more aware, and make them less frequently. I can move, one step at a time, toward becoming the person that I want to be….and that small thought, gives me great hope.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt