Who we really are

I have been getting a strong message lately that I need to slow down mentally, and step into more and more relaxation in everything that I do. There is a lot of energy "in the air" right now and many people are feeling it, including me. The other day, I was sautéing onions in a… Continue reading Who we really are

Changing the world, one smile at a time

We had Thanksgiving dinner with our good friends yesterday. We were welcomed with open-arms and hearts, and we could feel it. When someone truly wants to be doing what they are doing, everyone around them benefits. It radiates out like a beacon of love, with the power to change the world, one soft touch, smile,… Continue reading Changing the world, one smile at a time

Emphasizing the good and the hopeful

Many years ago, I made  the embarrassing and shocking discovery that someone very close to me had been reading my journals. I discovered this when I heard her, belive it or not, laughing about my spelling with a friend (which certainly was/is laughable at times, but that wasn't the point!). In a fury, I burned… Continue reading Emphasizing the good and the hopeful