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moving forward

Noah sitting on my lap this morning as I write

Up until two years ago, the work that I did with people was done from my home. There were both positives and negatives to this. I loved the casual, friendly feel of having people into our home, but it also meant that I had to be more vigilant about cleaning and making sure our animals were not intruding. For the last 6 months, the pull has been getting stronger and stronger to return to working here, and so when I finally made the decision, it felt like a deep breath. Not because there was anything wrong with my office. It is a wonderful space; very affordable, large and lovely.

I’m not moving away from something that isn’t right, I’m moving toward something that feels better. For many years, I couldn’t do this. I had to find fault with my current situation so I could justify leaving. The trouble with this approach is, the more we look for trouble; what is wrong with our present set of circumstances, we take that energy of “wrong” right along with us, so after just a little while, the new situation (office, relationship, job or whatever) takes on all the feeling tone of the old. Always look for what is right about where you are….and you will take all of that positive energy right along with you to the new and better life that you’d like to be living.

We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are“. Anais Nin

on the right track…divine ideas!

Liz Laflamme in her studio

I woke up yesterday morning and really felt inspired to hold a contest on my blog. Within a minute apprehension set in: What would people think? Would they think it was tacky? Would they feel it was somehow shallow? I knew what my motives were…it felt like a “divine idea” which to me is just an idea that pops into consciousness and feels good (fun, adventurous, an answer to a prayer …there is a knowing about it…until the head takes over and starts to analyze it. Then, instead of “divine” it can start to feel “dumb”). Divine ideas are always for our expansion, but expanding also comes with fear of the unknown.

I started writing anyway….wasn’t sure it would be published but I have found that if it isn’t right, the energy around it will fall away (I am aware that not all of my ideas are divine… some really are dumb and those don’t, hopefully, go anywhere). Sometimes  though, I cannot tell, so I start. There is a wonderful quote by Will Rogers, “You may be on the right track, but you are going to get run over if you don’t move.” There comes a time in life that we must push out from the shore, so to speak,…leave the safety of staying small, trying to guess what other people want/need instead of listening to our own inner voice, if we are going to live bigger lives and become who we are meant to be.

The day before my “contest blog”  I had just met (and gotten my hair cut by) Liz LaFlamme. I walked into her salon and she shouted a very friendly, arms-wide-open greeting…like she had known me forever. I instantly liked her.  She was working on someone’s hair when I arrived and was talking about going to New York City to a past life regression seminar. The woman in the chair said she wasn’t really interested (and her body language was showing it too) in that stuff, but it did not change Liz. She didn’t apologize for thoughts or her interests…she was just being herself, and that is no small thing in a world that likes to get people into “manageable” little boxes!

…and I think that as long as we are alive we will all be unfolding…coming out of little boxes, that we didn’t even know we were in until we had a dream…an idea…a hope or wish that seems to just spring up. Happy springing to everyone today!!