Unexpected opening

I have learned, though many hours of doubt and agony, that if I need to cancel something, then it always works out for the best for everyone. I used to feel guilty about changing plans, and wasn't happy when someone cancelled on me, but so many times when a plan was changed by me or… Continue reading Unexpected opening

The perfect holiday plan…I wonder what it will be?!

Several years ago, Jack and I went to get our Christmas tree at the tree farm where we have gotten our tree every year since we were married (we actually got married on Christmas eve at that tree farm 12 years ago) but they were sold out. This had never happened before, and we were… Continue reading The perfect holiday plan…I wonder what it will be?!

A new diagnosis

One day while I was visiting my elderly grandmother in the nursing home, my mother showed up and immediately began trying to orient my grandmother to time and place; asking those standard questions, "Do you know what day, month, year, it is...". At one point my grandmother, who was saying nothing, looked at my mother… Continue reading A new diagnosis