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What do I “produce”?


a blue egg from Margaret's "farm"



My friend Margaret lives up the road. She and her partner have a farm of sorts…chickens, dogs, cats, donkeys and goats …the dogs, cats, donkeys and goats are all rescued animals.  The only animals that “produce” anything on their farm are the chickens. I was telling her yesterday that one of my favorite things to do was to gather eggs and she invited me over to collect that day’s eggs.

As we walked around the barns looking for eggs, goats followed us, crowding around, pushing their heads into our bodies …loving it when we scratched them. I had never looked into a goat’s eyes before….the depth of expression in and on their faces was startling, especially close up.

I wasn’t raised with animals (except cats) so I am not totally comfortable around a farm, but there was an aliveness that I felt, surrounded by goats and chickens, that was palpable. I love the mystery of animals, and I can feel that they give  something powerfully healing “in exchange” for food and shelter…they probably give it anyway….I am sure that they do.

There’s so little that we really know about life. What the purpose of a life is. …whether that life takes the form of a goat, a chicken, a butterfly…a person. We all are filling in the pieces of a beautiful puzzle . There are no extra pieces, and none missing. I can tend to get so preoccupied with being “productive” that I forget why I am here….only to love, and to be loved, by those that “surround me”.