our multi-faceted lives

The other day I was having a conversation with a woman about "Acceptance of our lives (and our pasts) vs. using our minds and focused thought to create". She was rather animated, almost upset, as she said, "Your approach sounds like denial to me. I don't agree with trying to change our lives. I believe… Continue reading our multi-faceted lives

My thoughts and words return to me

When I wrote a novel, a couple of years ago, I had no idea that the very things I had written about would begin to happen in my own life. I wrote the novel for its own sake. The process was an adventure (even though I did, at times...many times, need to discipline myself to… Continue reading My thoughts and words return to me

Listening “in”

8 years ago, I attended a retreat in Alabama and did a fire-walk. In the few days leading up to the actual walk, the leader kept encouraging us to listen to our inner voices, to be sure it would be safe for us (personally) to do. This involved getting quiet (both inside and out), settling… Continue reading Listening “in”