The Wisdom of Uncertainty

STAYING CURIOUS It’s been almost a year since I moved to Montpelier, Vermont. To say that life has dramatically changed during this year would be an understatement, but that is true for each of us, isn’t it. There’s so much that I want to share with you regarding what’s been happening in my life, but… Continue reading The Wisdom of Uncertainty

Ahhh…grist for the mill of awakening

Thanksgiving is a few days away, and for many of us this can be a time of intense emotions and feelings: happiness, anxiety, joy, sadness, contentment, loneliness, inner peace, anger and resentment, compassion, disappointment, belonging, rejection, anticipation…and at least for me, the “negative” emotions are doubly charged because I don’t think that I should be… Continue reading Ahhh…grist for the mill of awakening

a 15 minute trip…the destination is your choice

Several nights ago, Jack and I got into a lengthy discussion about our relationship. After 20 minutes of “honestly” telling each other what we felt was missing, how we had been disappointed, discouraged, angry, hurt, and generally dissatisfied, we both felt horrible. The more we talked about what was wrong (in an attempt to correct… Continue reading a 15 minute trip…the destination is your choice

A visitor bearing gifts

Several days ago, I found out that someone close to me had betrayed me in a way that quite literally sent me into shock. For hours, my body shook and my heart felt like it would explode. Later that same night, as I tried to sleep but found it impossible…thoughts about the hurtful event felt… Continue reading A visitor bearing gifts

A soft, gentle, feeling

Last week, I was given the book, Testimony of Light, by Helen Greaves. For a long time, I've held the belief that those who've left this physical plane still exist (and can communicate with the living). Yet as I started to read this book (and especially the first chapter which seemed like it was really… Continue reading A soft, gentle, feeling

Clearing the air

A few years ago, I had a falling out with someone professionally. I was very upset and hurt by what I saw as their disregard of my contribution, and told them how I was feeling. During the correspondences that followed, they apologized and tried to correct the misunderstanding....basically calling it a misunderstanding. But I didn't… Continue reading Clearing the air

Doing our part to change the world

A number of years ago, I co-led a day-long retreat on forgiveness. A woman (who didn't end up signing up for the retreat) wanted to talk about what it would be like before committing. As I explained the basic format, and how I imagined it unfolding, she kept saying things like, "How could anyone forgive… Continue reading Doing our part to change the world

A crack in my shell of perception

When I was in my mid-twenties, I can remember sitting in a psychologist's office complaining bitterly about my father, and every time this woman tried to offer me a different perspective about him; tried to help me see him in a new light, I intensified my accusations against him, giving her tons of incriminating evidence to… Continue reading A crack in my shell of perception