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a cheese plate

a perfect little....cheese plate?

I saw this antique, covered cheese plate the other day. The space underneath the dome isn’t big, but I figured I could put a small wheel of some sort of soft cheese in it, or cut other varieties to fit….it was cute and inexpensive so I bought it.  But it seems there is a better use for it…one that I could not have imagined. It is perfect for rescuing the mice and snakes that our cats bring inside. I found that I could easily cover the critter up and then slide the pink dust pan underneath it (without hurting it, because I could see if part of it was getting trapped) and then bring it outside to be released. Fred and Eleanor had a snake in the living room a couple of days ago, and within a minute I had it securely under the dome!

about to be returned to the wild outdoors!

I didn’t really need a covered cheese dish, but I really needed a way to capture critters….the universe always provides. Sometimes we just need to expand our minds to see the solution.

“Every problem has a gift for you in its hands.” Richard Bach