The key, the lesson, and a give-away!

My mother has always been a giving person, especially with her children. lf one of us said to her, "I like the sweater you're wearing mom", she'd inevitably respond, "Do you want it?" or she'd just go change and come out wearing another top, while handing the one we'd admired to us. We've gotten into… Continue reading The key, the lesson, and a give-away!

Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

I think it's about time for another give-away.  A tin of the skin balm that I make is the gift. To enter, just comment with an "impossible wish"...something that would be beyond your wildest dreams (but that you would love to see happen anyway). Have fun with this. Your comment can be as silly as… Continue reading Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

Simple fun…(and a give-away!)

Nancy, of Spinning Glass Studio, is having an earring give-away this week. She is part of a wonderful group of artists and artisans (read more about this on her website) that gather to support each other's work, dreams and lives. When I first saw these earrings, they made me smile (still do). I also love… Continue reading Simple fun…(and a give-away!)

Saturday afternoon smile and give-away!

It is Saturday afternoon here in upstate NY. I met my mother for breakfast today. At the end of our visit, I was telling her about an order of incense that had just been delivered. It is my favorite, and so I order at least 10 packs at a time, because I burn it both… Continue reading Saturday afternoon smile and give-away!