There is a rational explaination for everything?

The other morning, I noticed that my front right tire looked partially flat. I wasn't sure if it was safe to drive, so I asked Jack what he thought, and he assured me that it wasn't totally flat, but also said that I should get it filled up after my morning appointments. I drove to… Continue reading There is a rational explaination for everything?

Saturday afternoon smile and give-away!

It is Saturday afternoon here in upstate NY. I met my mother for breakfast today. At the end of our visit, I was telling her about an order of incense that had just been delivered. It is my favorite, and so I order at least 10 packs at a time, because I burn it both… Continue reading Saturday afternoon smile and give-away!

Happy inside and out

A friend of mine has a rather bad habit of creating difficulties with people in her mind. She imagines that they are upset with her for some reason, and then starts either defending or explaining herself, so she feels "right" and the other person, of course, ends up being "wrong". For instance, if someone hasn't… Continue reading Happy inside and out