Go forward

Jack and I watched a wonderful documentary the other night called, "Spinning Plates". It highlighted the success and struggles of three very different restaurants (focusing on the owner's and chef's personal lives as well) in the US. If any one of these restaurants was within driving distance, I would want to go, but one of… Continue reading Go forward

Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

I think it's about time for another give-away.  A tin of the skin balm that I make is the gift. To enter, just comment with an "impossible wish"...something that would be beyond your wildest dreams (but that you would love to see happen anyway). Have fun with this. Your comment can be as silly as… Continue reading Give-away day! A tin of Mary’s Skin Survival Balm

a “lucky” day, a daring adventure

It is Friday the 13th today. Growing up, there was so much hype around the "bad things" that might happen on this day. I never believed them, but now I am so much more aware of how expectations create events and circumstances (both good and bad) and mass-expectation is even more powerful, so I make… Continue reading a “lucky” day, a daring adventure