Living in imagination instead of memory

A few weeks ago, my sons were talking about going on a fishing trip when Matt (my youngest) returned from Alaska. I said, almost hesitantly, "What would you think about me coming along?" I didn't think that they would really want this. I imagined them hemming and hawing and then saying something like, "Well, there… Continue reading Living in imagination instead of memory

We’ve got it backwards!

I spent a good part of this weekend, going over relationships from my past and casting them in a new light. The most interesting and difficult visualization was imagining that my former mother-in-law and I were talking about what we appreciated in each other.  It took a while to even be able to see her… Continue reading We’ve got it backwards!

Happy inside and out

A friend of mine has a rather bad habit of creating difficulties with people in her mind. She imagines that they are upset with her for some reason, and then starts either defending or explaining herself, so she feels "right" and the other person, of course, ends up being "wrong". For instance, if someone hasn't… Continue reading Happy inside and out