The open door of intuition: The Spirit of Truth

Have you ever just known that something was right? Even when it didn't make sense? Even when there was no way that it was possible? And have you ever held your belief anyway; persistently turning away from those voices of doubt and reason (the voices that were really in your own mind, but seemed to… Continue reading The open door of intuition: The Spirit of Truth

Ask, wait, listen, trust…act

I've been hesitant about writing about today's topic/post for a while. I've really wanted to do it, but kept thinking, "Advice and suggestions are not the focus of this blog" and this seemed dangerously close to both. Yet, a little voice kept nudging me to do it. Last summer, Luke (our 5-year-old long-haired German Shepherd)… Continue reading Ask, wait, listen, trust…act

Listening “in”

8 years ago, I attended a retreat in Alabama and did a fire-walk. In the few days leading up to the actual walk, the leader kept encouraging us to listen to our inner voices, to be sure it would be safe for us (personally) to do. This involved getting quiet (both inside and out), settling… Continue reading Listening “in”

What will my intuition toss up to me today?!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that Gordon Ramsay was coming to our little town (Cambridge NY) to film an episode of his new series, Hotel Hell. I also wrote that I didn't have any interest in watching it, which was true. During the buildup to the show, the town was buzzing with energy.… Continue reading What will my intuition toss up to me today?!

intuition: remembering the gift

Many years ago, I was applying to graduate school and was trying to figure out which professors to ask for letters of recommendation. I kept feeling uneasy about one of them; a man who was very friendly and open around me, but something felt off. The night before I was going to ask him, I… Continue reading intuition: remembering the gift

Navigating the spiritual life

There is nothing more important than learning to listen to, trust, and follow our own inner voice. It is the best way to navigate the spiritual life, all of life. Many of us were told, growing up, that we didn't have the ability to decipher God's Will/The Still Small Voice within/Divine Guidance/Universal wisdom/Intuition, and were… Continue reading Navigating the spiritual life