intuition: remembering the gift

Many years ago, I was applying to graduate school and was trying to figure out which professors to ask for letters of recommendation. I kept feeling uneasy about one of them; a man who was very friendly and open around me, but something felt off. The night before I was going to ask him, I… Continue reading intuition: remembering the gift

Navigating the spiritual life

There is nothing more important than learning to listen to, trust, and follow our own inner voice. It is the best way to navigate the spiritual life, all of life. Many of us were told, growing up, that we didn't have the ability to decipher God's Will/The Still Small Voice within/Divine Guidance/Universal wisdom/Intuition, and were… Continue reading Navigating the spiritual life

The “pain of the world” that we can do something about

I loved writing yesterday's post and also wanted to dive a little deeper into the issue of what "bad news" that we should be aware of. When I am called to do something, whether it be rescue an animal, send in a donation (to an organization that is doing work that I support), or return… Continue reading The “pain of the world” that we can do something about

on the right track…divine ideas!

I woke up yesterday morning and really felt inspired to hold a contest on my blog. Within a minute apprehension set in: What would people think? Would they think it was tacky? Would they feel it was somehow shallow? I knew what my motives felt like a "divine idea" which to me is just… Continue reading on the right track…divine ideas!