A visitor bearing gifts

Several days ago, I found out that someone close to me had betrayed me in a way that quite literally sent me into shock. For hours, my body shook and my heart felt like it would explode. Later that same night, as I tried to sleep but found it impossible…thoughts about the hurtful event felt… Continue reading A visitor bearing gifts

loving the mystery

  Last Thursday, I drove by a house that almost took my breath away. I parked my car and walked down the old tree-lined street, from the house to downtown Burlington, imagining what it would be like to call this home. I’ve been looking at houses around the area for several years, but none have… Continue reading loving the mystery

goodbye to a limiting way of thinking,…hello to a friend

I've been wanting to write this story for a while, and finally I am. I first met Maud Maynard in 2009, but I'd heard about her, and had been briefly introduced to her, in 2002... but I didn't want to have anything to do with her. Not because she wasn't a perfectly nice, possibly interesting… Continue reading goodbye to a limiting way of thinking,…hello to a friend

Our deep and loving connection

A couple of months ago, I asked my friend, Sister Madonna Buder, to keep me in her prayers for an issue that I was having difficulty turning over. She replied that she would love to pray for me, and as a matter of fact was competing in (yet another) triathlon the following Saturday and would… Continue reading Our deep and loving connection

The open door of intuition: The Spirit of Truth

Have you ever just known that something was right? Even when it didn't make sense? Even when there was no way that it was possible? And have you ever held your belief anyway; persistently turning away from those voices of doubt and reason (the voices that were really in your own mind, but seemed to… Continue reading The open door of intuition: The Spirit of Truth