choosing the way I respond to life…

I decided to go for a solitary hike on Saturday. I’ve been a hiker for most of my adult life, but I’ve never quite felt safe going alone. I’ve always admired women who could do this, and enjoy it, but when I was alone, I felt hyper-vigilant and that wasn’t very relaxing. So on Saturday,… Continue reading choosing the way I respond to life…

Take a new picture…a kinder one.

I was recently given a gift that reminded me of my maternal grandfather, and so I've been thinking a lot about him. He is one of the few people who has come to me in a dream, and upon awakening I felt deep a sense of longing for his presence. He was (to me) a… Continue reading Take a new picture…a kinder one.

The holographic universe

One of the most startling experiences in my life happened when I began to see that every being and every situation I encountered was showing me an aspect of myself. I'd heard about this for years in statements like,"We live in a holographic universe",  but I never really knew what it meant, because I hadn't… Continue reading The holographic universe

The key, the lesson, and a give-away!

My mother has always been a giving person, especially with her children. lf one of us said to her, "I like the sweater you're wearing mom", she'd inevitably respond, "Do you want it?" or she'd just go change and come out wearing another top, while handing the one we'd admired to us. We've gotten into… Continue reading The key, the lesson, and a give-away!

True protection

A few years ago, I made an appointment with an energy practitioner whom I'd heard good things about. I traveled quite a distance to meet with him, and found the session to be very powerful, but at the end he strongly suggested that I come back for follow-up appointments, indicating that I needed quite a… Continue reading True protection