Wonderful you

When we first got Luke, we were warned that German Shepherds were territorial around their homes, the cars that they routinely rode in, and their food. Luke never lived up (or should I say down) to any of those labels. Labels are dangerous things. They don't have to be at all true for our subconscious… Continue reading Wonderful you

Claim your dreams, believe in the impossible

A number of years ago, someone close to me had been looking for a house to buy. It was pretty urgent that he find one quickly, but nothing that he looked at felt right. One day, he was driving around, and there in front of him was the home that he had been looking for.… Continue reading Claim your dreams, believe in the impossible

Heading in the right direction

A week ago, I noticed a red spot on Noah's head. The day before Thanksgiving, it had turned into a large, uncomfortable-looking open sore. I had no idea what it was and suddenly I was having visions of creepy diseases, painful and expensive visits to the vet, oral and topical antibiotics, all of the other… Continue reading Heading in the right direction

Plowed in (and out!)….by our own thoughts

For years my mother complained that the town trucks always plowed her in after every snow fall. One year they pushed so much snow onto her lawn that it broke part of the fence. She said that after every storm, when she heard the town trucks coming, she ran to the window to see how… Continue reading Plowed in (and out!)….by our own thoughts

The friendly universe

I started going to the Manchester Thrift store 10 years ago. Oddly enough, I was somewhat intimidated by the volunteers...most were older women who lived in Manchester (a wealthy town) and wanted something to do with their free time. One woman in particular, Barbara, made me quite uncomfortable. I would try to be friendly with… Continue reading The friendly universe