Blessing others…with a smile

At the end of my run yesterday, I noticed a butterfly in my neighbor's driveway. I put my hand close to its front legs, and it crawled onto my finger. As I walked home, I kept thinking it was going to fly away, but it didn't, so when I got back to our house, I… Continue reading Blessing others…with a smile

Double blessings

Before I fell asleep last night, I was thinking about the incredible healing power that is released when we bless difficult situations, and got up this morning to read Maria Wulf's* beautiful blog on that very thing! A couple of months ago, a woman who I used to know, came into my mind. Several years… Continue reading Double blessings

Help is all around…even when we can’t see it

As almost a follow-up to yesterday's post, about claiming your dreams and not giving up on them, on Sunday, JoAnne F. (one of the White Feather Farm community) posted this deeply inspiring true story of the power of hope, prayer, and the help that comes from expected and unexpected places; the seen and the unseen… Continue reading Help is all around…even when we can’t see it

Keeping the door, for a better future, open

Jack and I were talking about an opportunity that came his way several years ago, one that was fun, exciting, profitable, and totally engrossing. We can both easily remember those feelings of working on the project, first him alone, and then us together. During the conversation I said, "That was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity." This statement… Continue reading Keeping the door, for a better future, open