The “what ifs”

I went to be Wed. night saying to myself (over and over like a mantra), "The perfect place for us will present itself and it will be even better than I can imagine. I am getting excited to see how this unfolds!". I got up early Thursday morning, checked my emails to see if any… Continue reading The “what ifs”

“fixing up” a good weekend

For years, I would dread conversations with my father. I found his incessant talking about horse racing, and Saratoga Springs in general, very tedious and shallow, and it seemed like this was all he ever talked about. At that point in our lives, we met maybe, once a year for dinner, and I think we… Continue reading “fixing up” a good weekend

A special enterprise of God

I went to the eye doctor yesterday. I had broken a blood vessel in the same place last October and it seemed too odd not to have it checked out by someone who knew more about eyes than I did. I liked the doctor that examined me from the moment I met him. He was… Continue reading A special enterprise of God