Wonderful you

When we first got Luke, we were warned that German Shepherds were territorial around their homes, the cars that they routinely rode in, and their food. Luke never lived up (or should I say down) to any of those labels. Labels are dangerous things. They don't have to be at all true for our subconscious… Continue reading Wonderful you

on the right track…divine ideas!

I woke up yesterday morning and really felt inspired to hold a contest on my blog. Within a minute apprehension set in: What would people think? Would they think it was tacky? Would they feel it was somehow shallow? I knew what my motives were...it felt like a "divine idea" which to me is just… Continue reading on the right track…divine ideas!

Being available

Lately I have been considering getting a cell phone...especially in light of the fact that I will be again accompanying Sister Madonna Buder (if you want to read about an incredibly inspiring woman, look her up on-line) to the Boston Marathon. 3 years ago when I did this, I missed her finish, and did not… Continue reading Being available