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Write Away!

love that face!

love that face!

Several days ago, I decided to write a short story about a trip that I took to San Diego in 2005.  I’ve gone on some amazing trips with my brother Bob over the past decade, and thinking about that trip in particular filled me with a sense of adventure. Yesterday morning, Bob called and asked me if I would like to meet him for dinner. It sounded like fun so I agreed. Half way through our meal Bob said, “I just had an idea. I’m going on another bike trip, this time from Tallahassee to New Orleans, in late March. Would you want to come? All expenses paid?”

I had spent the last 2 days writing about saying yes to adventure (specifically with my brother), and less than 48 hrs later, I had a wonderful invitation.

I’ve noticed this pattern for a while now; when I write with feeling, really get into a story (fiction or non-fiction) the scenarios eventually play themselves out in my life…..sometimes with amazing speed.

We are surrounded by a universal law which is creative. It moves from the thought to the thing. Unless there is first an image, it cannot move, for there would be nothing for it to move toward”  Ernest Holmes

Over the years, I’ve worked with people helping them to imagine and articulate their dreams, but I hadn’t really grasped the power of the written word (in story form) to bring those images to life until very recently, so I’ve decided to offer a workshop/class with the focused intent of dream realization through writing. I believe in the power of words. I believe that each of us has access to the life of our dreams, but sometimes, we forget this. We forget that creative play, spiritually speaking, is very serious business! I know that the combination of desire, focus, and creative fun, can be life changing. If you think that this is for you, details are below.

***WRITE AWAY! Workshop is an on-line class that I will be offering, starting March 1st.  The format and time-line will be flexible but will include 3 (1/2 hr) phone meetings with me (times will be set up that are mutually agreeable). The first will be for 1/2 hr at the beginning of your writing project, and the second and third will be at any time after you’ve begun to write. The focus of this adventure together will be for you to move closer to your dream. I’m not a writing teacher but would be happy to give you any feedback if that is something that you want. I’ll limit this first workshop to 10 participants but if it proves to be successful (and fun!) I will offer another.  The cost is $100.

If you are interested, please email me at mmuncil@verizon.net, and I’ll fill you in on how to pay, ect.

Opulent thought

Which thought will I choose today?!

So much of the talk today, in spiritual circles, says that to achieve wealth, we must think/feel wealthy. And yet, if we currently don’t have money how can we feel wealthy? It seems like a catch 22 situation. We are told to “act as if” you already have the thing/condition/experience that you are seeking, and it will become yours, and yet this can feel almost impossible to do in practical terms.

In, “The Hidden Power” by Thomas Troward  (a series of articles written around 1900) he says;

“We must be opulent in our thought. Do not ‘think money’, as such, for it is only one means of opulence; but think opulence, that is, largely, generously, liberally, and you will find that the means of realising this thought will flow to you from all quarters whether as money or as a hundred other things not to be reckoned in cash.”

I just loved this, kept reading it over and over. Think big, generous, expansive thoughts, about life, about anything and anyone! I know the difference between big and little thoughts. A few days ago, I stopped by my favorite coffee place to get a tea to go. As I stood waiting, and waiting, the woman at the counter called  several times to the man who usually fixes the teas. When he finally appeared he said in a slightly sarcastic way, “What? Are you in a big hurry today Mary?!” I felt instantly insulted and then thought that maybe I would not go back there came. I caught myself. “What is going on with me today that I am attracting this?”, was my second thought, because I had just had a similar experience someplace else, and this type of interaction is really unusual for me.

I know the difference between big (opulent) thought and small (contracting) thought. Small thinking keeps score; never forgets an insult, does not consider another’s point of view, does not say “hi” first; waits to be noticed, gets it’s feelings hurt if it isn’t.  Small thinking is suspicious thinking, cynical thinking. Small thinking punishes by withdrawing love/attention. Small thinking says that to feel better about myself, I should compare myself to others; and someone comes up short. Small thinking is “better than” or “less than” thinking.

And because we are not separate components; body (material world), mind (thoughts) and spirit (All that IS), whatever we do, say, or think, affects ALL areas of our lives, including our finances. When I went to bed last night, I played a little game, in my mind, of trying to think a big thought that I had never thought before. One thing led to another and I eventually fell asleep feeling great. I woke up with a new resolve to clear out all of the small hurts and petty complaints that keep me limited. I am really looking forward to today!