I’ve come unglued…finally!

I used to believe that I was the glue that held things together…. especially when it came to relationships. If I hadn’t contacted someone in what I thought was a reasonable length of time, I would feel guilty and immediately take action in the form of a phone call, email (once upon a time this… Continue reading I’ve come unglued…finally!

Child-like behavior

I attended a large event last weekend, and as I sat in the audience, watching the speakers address the honoree of the evening, I began to observe the hugs that were exchanged after each person spoke, and before they returned to their seats. Each one talked about their special relationship to the woman who was… Continue reading Child-like behavior

What will my intuition toss up to me today?!

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote that Gordon Ramsay was coming to our little town (Cambridge NY) to film an episode of his new series, Hotel Hell. I also wrote that I didn't have any interest in watching it, which was true. During the buildup to the show, the town was buzzing with energy.… Continue reading What will my intuition toss up to me today?!