WRITE AWAY! (A workshop and an adventure)

WRITE AWAY! Workshop Information

What I offer: Three 1/2 hr. phone sessions with me (scheduled at mutually agreeable times) with email access to me in between your sessions.

Cost: $100 Length of program: This will be entirely up to you. You may complete this process (our work together) in a week or a year.

Contact: If you are interested, please email me at mmuncil@verizon.net

Description of “workshop”and my reasons for offering it!

The “purpose” of this writing is to access the life of your dreams, to move you beyond what you currently see as fixed reality, and help you to expand your life. It really has nothing to do with being a “writer”. Punctuation, grammar, spelling or sentence structure, are completely irrelevant to this process (and no one, even me, has to see it, unless this is something that you want and then I am always very happy to read your work).

How I came to truly realize the power of my written words. Several years ago, I wrote a novel. It was something of a personal challenge, not necessarily a piece of work that I wanted to eventually publish. After writing it, I put it away for about a year. Then one day, I noticed that events and circumstances, that were very similar to the ones which happened to the heroine of my novel, were happening in my own life. For years, I’d read about seemingly fictional stories actually becoming reality, but this was by far the most striking example in my own life.

I have come to see that when I write with feeling, I begin to experience circumstances and events which mirror that writing. Often times, I will simply sit down and write an email (to myself) stating some thought (that I would love to hear someone tell me). It may be that I have been having difficulty with this person, or it could just be someone I haven’t spoken to in a while, and within hours I’ll receive some form of communication that has the same feeling tone as my email.

For instance, If I send someone a gift and haven’t received a response, I will write myself the response that I would most like to receive, and then I let it go. Very often a response will then come from the person, or more interesting still, I may get an email or call out of the blue from someone saying that they wanted to thank me for something that I sent them, or even something that I wrote in my blog.

This writing, from the feeling place of high energy (from love) seems to send messages out into the universe (like a pebble dropped into a pond) with the ripples of my thought finding their way back to “my shore” in remarkable and delightful ways.

Ways to write that open us up

The writing can take the form of a short story, journeying, writing letters to one’s self, imagining a scene that we would love to see (whether we are in that scene or not), or rewriting a scene from our past and making it conform to what we would like to have seen happen…what we wish we would have experienced.

You may know exactly what you want to write about, or feel like you don’t have a clue, and we’ll talk about this during our first 1/2 hr phone session, where you will get a focus and direction for your writing. I will also offer suggestions for writing projects and ideas about how to begin. The second 1/2 hr phone session can be scheduled at any point during your writing process. You may feel stuck and want to talk, you may want to read (to me) what you have written and get some feedback, or you may have found, as you began to write, something shifted and a new, clearer, goal revealed itself.

This writing process really does begin to move things!

During our last session you can read your writing to me (this is up to you), we’ll talk about anything else that presented itself during your writing, and I’ll ask you some questions that will help you to move into deeper self-awareness and confidence that you really do have the ability to change your life in a new (and maybe quite startling) way.

I am offering this workshop, to individuals, on an ongoing basis, because I have fallen in love with this process and know that it works. Please feel free to email me with any questions, and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

In love and gratitude,


4 thoughts on “WRITE AWAY! (A workshop and an adventure)”

  1. Mary, Few years back in Jack’s antique shop (next to our friend Franz and shop owner Bill) I bought about 4 tins of your survival balm. I not sure when I can get back to Cambridge. Can’t find anything about your balm. Do you still make/sell/ship it? Tina Bruno

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