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slow down

The other day while driving home I found myself mentally racing into the future. I’d had a conversation with someone very close to me, and my feeling was that she wasn’t pleased with me, and this thought left me feeling ungrounded. I was tired and overwhelmed, which is not a good time to think about anything, much less make plans, but I was doing it anyway. My head felt like it was packed with cotton and it was talking non-stop as it tried to get me to grab onto a plan that would make life feel more manageable. It wanted safe ground. It wanted the relief of a solid plan. But I know better. No plans that I have ever made when in this state were ultimately good ones. They always involved moving away from anything that felt challenging…they always ended up too small. I finally said to myself,

“Slow down. I need to slow this mind down.”

Within a few miles, I saw a bunch of police cars up ahead. As I got closer, I could see police officers standing in the center of the road talking to the drivers of each car as they approached. Many cars were then directed to the side of the road to wait for “whatever”.

When it was my turn the officer said, “Are you aware of the speed limit?” I said, “No. Was I over it?” and he said, “Yes”. But instead of feeling anxiety I felt an odd relief. Somehow the universe had done for me what I couldn’t do for myself: It quite literally stopped me in my tracks.

I waited until the officer said, “What’s the hurry?” I actually thought before I answered, taking the time to ask myself, “Why are you rushing, Mary?”, and no good response surfaced so I looked at him and said, “There is no hurry at all.” I noticed a little laugh in the tone of my answer that prompted the same response in him. He smiled at me and said; “Just slow down”. I said, “Thank you”, and slowly drove away. I was still tired but I wasn’t racing into a “solution” and I wasn’t running away from my feelings, which were less overwhelming but still present.

What I have noticed about myself is this: when I am in distress, my mind goes on a search for the cause. It wants to blame someone/something for the discomfort and then it wants me to make a decision that will minimize the chance of ever feeling that way again. I cannot even count the number of times in my life when I’ve ended relationships for the simple reason that someone said something that made me uncomfortable…so many opportunities missed to expand my world.

I’m not talking about unsafe or toxic relationships where almost from the beginning things were off…and I knew it. If I am in a relationship that mostly leaves me feeling less than, inadequate, or confused and distressed, then I am probably getting guidance to move on. But if this isn’t the case and on balance I feel “more myself” and expanded in this relationship, then when we experience a “glitch” or an uncomfortable interaction, my running away from it will diminish me.

The voice inside my head that says, “You don’t need this!” and makes me want to run or fight when I feel uncomfortable, is as familiar as my own hands. I used to listen to her, believe what she said, and then act on that belief…no more. Now, maybe not in the moment, but always within a little time, I say to her, “Oh yes I do. This is exactly what I need. Thank you.”…And she never argues, as a matter of fact, I can often hear her almost chuckle, just like the officer in the street, and say, “Good for you, you brave thing…you couldn’t have done that a few years ago.”

“While control makes us strategize, trust lets us experience a larger set of resources. To move from controlling to trusting life is like exhausting ourselves by trying to put our arms around a river until we realize we have to enter the river and let the current take us.” The Endless Practice: Becoming Who You Were Born To Be, Mark Nepo



Newest mixed media piece, The Other Shoe 2….Victorian baby shoe mounted (floating) in old drawer. This was such a fun piece to create. I wanted to convey the thought that the other shoe isn’t going to drop…all is well…no need to worry! (this piece is for sale on my artwork page or you can email me for details at mmuncil33@gmail.com)


Life without limits (at least in our minds)

Grocery shopping with one of my favorite human beings!

Grocery shopping with one of my favorite human beings!

Many years ago, someone recommended to me the teachings of Seth*as important spiritual information. I can’t remember if I was given a tape, or how I first heard this “being” speaking through the voice of Jane Roberts, but I was immediately (and almost violently) turned off. It would be years before I stumbled across Seth again but this time, I was riveted, enthralled, and couldn’t get enough of what once seemed like rubbish.

I also began to notice a pattern within myself. I’d had the same strong negative reaction when I first heard Eckhart Tolle, Esther Hicks (who had herself gone to hear Jane Roberts speak, and years later began doing the same work which she calls the teachings of “Abraham”), and countless books which at first reading, I couldn’t understand, but criticized anyway. In the 1990’s, I briefly dated a man who used to say, “We are all gods” and I thought he was a blasphemous idiot. There’s a scripture in the New Testament which basically says, “God uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise”**.

I love to turn on the radio and catch the teaching of Joyce Meyer. I don’t agree with much of her theology or social/political points of view, but she has a consistent and uplifting message about living life to the fullest and I appreciate her as much as I do the teachings of Alan Watts, Neville Goddard, William Blake, Seth, Edgar Cayce, Norman Vincent Peale, Abraham, Thich Nhat Hanh….the list of places where I find spiritual sustenance are limitless…when I have an open mind.

So back to my initial negative reactions to these teachers. I see that I was afraid that my view of reality would being challenged. Afraid that if I opened myself up to these ideas, I would be in danger somehow…and in a way, that was the truth. Every time my ego gets challenged and proven wrong (or at least is seen as limited) it is like a little death of the old self. I now know myself enough to recognize this pattern. It’s a good thing to be aware of our self-protective reactions when the “self” that we think we are protecting is just a limiting belief.



* Seth is the internationally acclaimed spiritual teacher who spoke through the author Jane Roberts while she was in trance, and coined the phrase “You Create Your Own Reality.” Seth’s empowering message literally launched the New Age movement. (taken from the website http://www.sethlearningcenter.org)

** 1 Corinthians 1:27

Don’t bug me

bugs on the screen

I saw this pair of insects on the screen door last week.  At that moment, I’d been wondering if there was anything more that I should be doing about a certain situation in my life; was I missing some step that I should be taking? Was there anything that I should be doing that I’d overlooked?. But what I was really feeling/asking was, “How can I hurry things along here?!”

So when I saw these insects and thought,  “I wonder what this means?’ and the instant reply was, “Don’t bug me. I know what you want and things are moving along at the right speed, even though you think it should be faster”, this made me laugh out loud.

In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don’t. Blaise Pascal


My crown is called content, a crown that seldom kings enjoy. ~William Shakespeare

We have changed the chair in our kitchen at least 5 times over the past year. Some are big and cushiony …some small and hard…Fred does not care. He makes himself comfortable any place…I wonder sometimes if he notices the change. No matter what chair we put there, Fred makes it his own. Fred is the least particular being that I know. He will eat anything (including pineapple!), sleep on any surface and greets every visitor (human or otherwise) into our home with genuine interest.

One thought that I am aware of, when I am trying to turn over a situation that, at the moment, is not quite to my liking, is: “If I am content with my life, things will not change for the better.” I know intellectually that the opposite of this is true; that contentment brings an ease to life and invites in more “things” to match it, that solutions present themselves much quicker and more smoothly when I can relax and say “All is well”….ah…to be like Fred!

The winner of the contest is: Hwa Su Kim!